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Institutional structure
Zhuejiang Zhuji Jinbao Automobile Spring Factory is the unique fastory in manufacturing springs of automobile suspension frame in Zhejiang province.It has been moved away to a nem place several years agel.The place coversthe area of 12,000m,The fixed assets of this factory are 14.8 millions yuan,the factory emtloys 180staffs including 15 technical equipment Jinbao can design all kinds of high level spring.Jinbao is also the factory appointed by the National Bureau of Machinery to manufacture spring of automobile suspension frame is annual productivity of helial spring of automobile suspension frame is 1.20 millions pieces.The other main products are extension spring, press xrping, torque spring, plate sopring,etc.

The testing equipment is:tensile.welding,torque device,spring extension and comtression device,Rockwed hardness gauge, flaw detector and fatigue testing device, dtc.

The certifide helical spring of automobile suspension frame is 100%checked by the Spring Testing Center of the Ministry of Machinery Industry.Thuw,thisproduct is well praised by customers.The principle is:"E xisting by high quality.Developing with variable categories".