About us
Institutional structure
Zhejiang Zhuji Jinbao Automobile Spring Manufactory is located in Zhuji citythe hometown of legendary beauty Xishi,which is also key scenic resort at national level.Zhuji is with beautiful landscape,complete supportingfacilities and all-reaching transportation.Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway,Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway,03Provincial Road and ShaoxingDatang Hingway all run through the city.

Our manufactory is a private enterprise with30,000 square meters of modern plant,more than 25 million RMB fixed asset.The annual sales volume of the manufactory amounts to over RMb 75 million ,and it has been successfully accreited with ISO/TS16949:2002、ISO2001:2000 quality system.Since the very start,the manufactory has been equipped with the most advanced facilities,gathered a galaxy of talents and utilized modernized management philosophy and systems.

The manufactory closely works with suppliers and sincerely cooperates with users to ensure reliable and good product quality.Now the factory is first-rate supplier of Shanghai GM Wuling,Changhe and Korea Daewoo electrical appliance,second-rate supplier of Shanghai Volkswagen and Shanghai GM.The products of the manufactory are sold in Europe,US,Southeast Asia and Mid-east with credibility and popularity among users,and long-term cooperation and trade relations has been set up.

Product range:auto suspension buffer spring,antiroll bar,brake spring and spring for household electric appliances.Types of products:compressed helical spring,tension spring,torsion spring,drum-shaped spring,pagoda-shaped spring,circlip,disc-shaped spring,chair spring,pivoted window balance spring,wave-shaped spring,press spring strip,square and flat steel spring and all type of stainless steel spring.Raw material specification:0.2 to 60 mm.

Production facility:quality is vital to the survival of an enterprise.We seek prefection and equip the factory with high-precision facilities,a professional team which is ever enterprising and seeking excellent product quality.Complete and well functioning facilities and a qualified technical team guarantee product quality.

Manufacture facilities:all types of improted fully computerized automatic all-purpose spring coiling machine,for size 0.2 to 5 mm;imported computerized fully automatic spring pressing machine,for size 0.2 to 20 mm.one heat coil spring production line for size 12 to 60 mm,fully automatic quench and backfire production line,stabilizer bar production line ,high-intensity blast machine,fully automatic surface static plastic-sprayingstreamline etc.

Raw material:imported material,oil quenching material,peeling and polishing material,material with different wire size,flate steel,square steel material,stainless steel material,tin bronze material and all brands ofspring steel.

Inspection facilities:various specifications of spring draw-and-press test machine,twisting force test machine,stabilizer bar test machine,salt spray test machine,magnaflux,raw material metallographic analysis,small spring fatigue test machine,big spring fatigue test machine and stabilizer fatigue test machine.

Product design:closely cooperate with customers,design and develop by customer demand springs suitable for overall product performance and assembly conditions.High-quality preliminary stage invesment ensures the quality of Jinbao spring,and Jinbao can timely supply reliable and highly technical designs and samples for trial use.

We will continue to strive for our goal---supply newest and best products and service to customers to win their satisfaction and smiles.